There are friends, I think, we can't imagine living
without. People who are sisters to us, or brothers.
Jimmy was one of those.
--  from Say Goodnight, Gracie
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Something scary is happening to seventeen-year-old Jamie
Tessman. Ever since she and her mother arrived in Chicago, she's
been plagued by freaky mind-slips and vivid daydreams about her
sort-of-boyfriend Webb. When Jamie's inner world starts holding her
hostage, she becomes terrified that she is slowly losing her mind.
Jamie's mom doesn't seem to notice anything is wrong. No one
does--until Jamie meets Morgan, a new friend who's had her own "brush with
nuttiness." When Jamie disappears into her inner world one night and can't find her
way out,  Morgan  sees to it that Jamie finally gets the help she desperately  needs.  
Morgan's  aunt, a psychiatrist, breaks through Jamie's paralyzing fear and eventually
helps her unravel a tangle of long-forgotten, horrifying secrets in her  past...

The Night I Disappeared  is  the  sequel to Say Goodnight, Gracie.
It  has been translated into Japanese  and Italian and is now available
in e-book format.
The Night I Disappeared
Chicago Blues  
"I have just kidnapped my eleven-year-old sister, although
she doesn't know it yet."

Lissa Hastings has a big problem. Her mother,who used to be
a semi-well-known cabaret singer, is fast becoming a very
well-known alcoholic and realizes she can no longer care for
Lissa's eleven-year-old sister Marnie. She tells Lissa that if
she can't trick Marnie into going to live with her, then Marnie will be turned
over to Social Services. Lissa doesn't know how she's going to handle
becoming a single parent overnight. She's the youngest student at a
prestigious Chicago art school, and if it weren't for the miniature rooms that
she's been lucky enough to sell to collectors, she'd have practically no
money at all. What she doesn't know yet is that having her high-spirited and
tantrum-prone sister come live with her is going to be one of the richest
experiences of her life
Seventeen-year-old Morgan Hackett and her best friend
Jimmy have known each other all their lives. They hang
out together, audition for plays together, they even argue
well together. Best friends for life. As they break into the
Chicago theater scene to pursue their goals as actors,
however, they're discovering that they're on the brink of
something more than just friendship. So how could life be
so right and then so wrong? After a terrible accident, Morgan suddenly
has to face life alone. Without Jimmy around, though, it's like the best
part of her has died. How could he do this to her? As she begins a
downward spiral into depression, she wonders how she will ever cope
without the one person in the world who understands her.
You Bet Your Life
Bess Milligan is convinced she inherited her love of comedy
from her mom, who never missed a chance to make people
laugh. When Bess lands an internship on one of TV's biggest
comedies, her mother, who died six months earlier, isn't there to
share her excitement. So, impulsively, after her first day at the
TV studio, Bess begins to write
about Georgia and Nate, the gifted comedy writers who hired her; letters
about Elliot, the teenage elevator operator who insists he and Bess form a
comedy team of their own; and letters about what Bess remembers best: the
times she shared with her mom. But writing letters isn't really living a life, and
a real life is what Bess desperately needs to find again.
First Wedding, Once Removed
2 + 1+= 0. Pokie  and  her  big  brother  Gib were once
inseparable, watching airplanes and planning on taking
flying lessons and one day becoming pilots. Then Gib left
for college and met Nell Potts, a real Southern belle. And
Pokie, who's doing her best to fit in at a new school, feels
like a third wheel at a time when she could use a big
brother more than ever. Pokie's young friend Junior
Hollinger is no help at all. He thinks Pokie is jealous of Nell. One thing's
for sure: There's no room for a brother, sister,
and a girlfriend in this
family. Three's a crowd...isn't it?
"An unusually subtle and likable portrait of a talented, thoughtful young woman weathering with
distinction the aftershocks of trauma." --the Kirkus Reviews (Pointer  Review)
"Deaver excels at portraying special relationships, this time between a brother and sister...there
are many poignant moments..." --Voice of Youth Advocates
  • 2004 South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Nominee
  • 2003 ALA Young Adult Popular Paperback
  • 2004 IRA Young Adult Choice
  • 1996 ALA Quick Pick for Young Adults
  • 1997-98 South Carolina Young Adult Award Nominee
  • ALA Best Books for Young Adults
  • Library of Congress Children’s Books
  • New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age
  • Tennessee Volunteer State Book Award  (WINNER)
  • Virginia State Young Readers Award (WINNER)
  • Washington State Evergreen Young Adult Book Award (WINNER)
Julie Reece Deaver
SAY GOODNIGHT, GRACIE recently celebrated its twentieth year in print
and has just been released in e-book format.
Say Goodnight, Gracie is cited in several books on grief-counseling for teens, including: Guiding
Your Child Through Grief
by James Emswiler, and Living with Grief: Children, Adolescents, and Loss
by Jack Gordon.
Say Goodnight, Gracie
letters to her mom -- letters