acting and improv comedy at Chicago's Second City theater:

                  (Studying acting is great training for a writer.)

I was eventually able to combine my love of comedy and writing by
working in the world of television:

I enjoyed writing scripts, but then I discovered young adult fiction, and
fell in love with the genre. While I was learning the  craft  of  writing
novels, I  worked  as a teacher's aide and as a freelance artist for
magazines like
The New Yorker and Reader's Digest.

My first novel was
Say Goodnight, Gracie. Over the years  the novel
has been  used  in  grief counseling by mental  health professionals
to  help  kids and adults who  have  experienced  loss. The  20th  
Anniversary Edition of  
Say  Goodnight, Gracie  is now in stores.

Say Goodnight, Gracie was published, readers asked for a new
book that would focus on Dr. Hackett (Morgan's aunt) and her work as
a psychiatrist, and so I created Jamie as a troubled young woman who
comes to the doctor for help in
The Night I Disappeared. Morgan plays
a supporting role as a friend to Jamie in this book. If you get a chance
to read
The Night I Disappeared, please let me know if you guessed
the surprise twist at the end!

You can contact me by clicking the e-mail link above, or by sending
e-mail to me at I love to hear from my readers
and I do my best to answer everyone who writes to me.

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I was born and raised in Glen Ellyn,Illinois.
I've  always  known  that  I wanted to be a
writer and I've written all my life. I grew up
in a very creative family.My mother was an
artist and homemaker and my father was an advertising
writer. My brother Jeffery Deaver is also an author. He
has just written the new James Bond novel, Carte Blanche.
Sometimes  readers  ask  me if my books are based on things  
that  have really happened  to me. Although  the  stories  are
fictional, I borrow a lot of  details from my own life for my
In Say Goodnight Gracie, for example, Morgan and Jimmy attend
Glenbard West, my old high school. And, like Morgan, I studied
writes best-selling novels, including the popular Lincoln Rhyme series